Frequently Asked Questions

The followings are some frequently asked questions regarding to home health. Hope that this will give you more information. If you have any other questions, you are also welcome to contact Bayview Home Health Services at any time! 

More Information on Home Health...

What is Home Health?

Home health provides medical treatment for an illness or injury, with the goal of helping you recover, regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible.  More than just providing excellent care in your home, home health also saves billions of dollars each year by keeping people out of the hospital.

Who Pays for Home Health?

Home Health is part of your Medicare benefit, so it often comes at no cost if you have Medicare coverage.  Most insurance companies also cover the cost of these visits.  We would let you know your financial liability for co-pays before starting care if your insurance requires a co-pay.

Who is Eligible?

  • You must have a doctor prescribe Home Health.
  • You must have either a Skilled Nursing need or the need for therapeutic services (Physical, Occupational, or Speech therapy) and these services must be medically necessary to treat your medical condition.
  • You must be "homebound", which means that assistance (by human or device) is required to leave the house; or that leaving poses a taxing effort to the patient. Homebound status is not always permanent.

How Long Are Home Health Services Provided? 

Services are provided as long as you have a need for skilled nursing or skilled therapeutic services.  A care plan is developed around your specific needs, which outlines the amount and frequency of each service.  Your care plan is re-assessed at least every 9 weeks and more frequently if your needs change.

Any Other Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. Bayview Home Health Services always looking forward to hear from you. Bayview aims to provide the best home health services, so that our patients can live happily every day!